March 2018 – Mukah Sarawak. Power and Potable Water Setup with Techkem Resources in local Longhouse

What an amazing adventure to be a part of with our local partner Techkem Resources. We shipped over 2 Carocell Solar Distillation panels along with 3 x 130 watt solar energy panels and flew over to install them in a luck longhouse that won a local raffle. The set up was incredible – coming from a solid construction background the boys from Techkem and I were able to get our hands dirty and help the local family members build this incredible timber structure that was going to hold the panels and water tanks.

This “eco friendly” solar power and clean water system provides lights and fans for the Longhouse – along with a floodlight for the pontoon and clean drinking water for the families that live there. This is the first of many in the region and with local govt support all families will have access to clean water and clean energy!