Chris Bryce – Chief Executive Officer

Chris was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Reject Shop (one of the largest ASX listed retailers in Australia). Chris is a Chartered Accountant and spent over 10 years with PrucewaterhouseCoopers working in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Chris has extensive experience in establishing and growing businesses, particularly in early stage development and started working with the founder of F Cubed in February 2015.

Chris has now developed interests in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and South Africa with many Government bodies showing great interest in the Fcubed Technology. We firmly believe that this Carocell solar distillation panel will be well known on a world-wide forum within the coming years.

Dato Chairil Nazri – Director Fcubed Malaysia

With a professional interest in the Solar Energy Sector, Dato Chairil saw an opening to expand on his current interests and apply time and effort into this new and exciting technology. I have been looking for other Eco Friendly businesses to branch into and use my strong connections within this realm to establish a stable launching pad. The Fcubed Carocell Panel is exactly what I need for Malaysia and other regions throughout Asia.

Nur Hilmy Ahmad – Design and Installation Executive

An Engineer by profession and current interests in the Solar Energy business we are currently creating an “Ecofreindly” farming system in conjunction with Felcra Livestock, UPM and Lembiru Australia in Puching South. The Fcubed Carocell was a perfect component for us to include in the development which will provide every student and visitor with fresh, clean drinking water from the river that runs through the University. It’s an invaluable part of our farm and a very valuable marketing tool for the new business.

Adam Armstrong – Business Development Executive

Adam Armstrong has spent his 25 year career working in livestock production and logistics businesses Internationally. Throughout that time Adam has observed livestock farming operations becoming increasingly intensive and realized that these industries needed to reduce their environmental footprint.

Whilst investigating the various options to reduce the environmental impact, Adam came across solar distillation technology offered by FCubed and became very interested in the opportunity to clean water that had been potentially polluted as a result of agriculture but also to provide sustainable drinking water for the communities that inhabit rural areas and from where farm labour forces are drawn from.

FCubed water solutions is a win win as it assists agricultural production systems in reducing their ecological footprint and at the same time provides safe, clean and sustainably produced drinking water for rural (and increasingly) urban communities.

Eddie Lee – Director Fcubed Malaysia

With a large data base of residential developers at his fingertips through becoming CEO of one of Malaysia’s largest privately owned real estate firms Eddie Believes that the Fcubed Carocell panel is a perfect fit for development in semi-rural areas of Malaysia. Eddie is a chartered accountant (Ba Hons Australia) and will be invaluable to the company’s expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region in months ahead.

Eddie sees value in companies potential where others may not and firmly believes that with the correct marketing strategies in place, Fcubed will become a very well-known name in and around this region.

Jastin Lee – Sales and Marketing Executive

A qualified technical engineer Jastin received a solid education on the Fcubed Carocell water distillation panel in Melbourne Australia early last year. Since that time he has been holding regular seminars and talks in its applications and capabilities in and around Malaysia. Mr. Jastin Lee is the Director of the company and his vast experience and expertise in Engineering bring value added to the company in terms of operation excellence and management.

He brings him more than 10 years of value added engineering expertise from various multinational companies of US, Germany and Taiwan. He holds Diploma in Estate Management, Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) Electronic System Engineering from Sheffield H. University and Master of Science from Queen’s University, Belfast UK. He was the ISO/TS16949 auditor for automotive industry that is one of the highest standards of audit requirement in automotive industry. He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers US (MIEEE), affiliate members of Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks (PPK) Malaysia, member of Malaysian Institute of Estate Agent and active member of Queens University Alumni & Irish Alumni University.

Chris Buse – General Manager Operations

With a history in property development and off shore investment models Chris believes the Fcubed Carocell panel will be well used throughout East and West Malaysia due to “Eco Friendly” development directions and current water cleanliness issues throughout the country. Chris attended “EcoBuild 2017” where we were overwhelmed with interest both local and international, eventually partnering with local water giant “Techkem” in the state of Sarawak where they have plans for in excess of 30 million MYR worth of work in 2017 – the Fcubed Carocell panels will become a major part of these developments.

Peter Johnstone – Founder (Tribute)

F CUBED (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 2004, by Peter Johnstone. Peter Johnstone was the CEO and Chairman of F CUBED however Peter passed away in 2016 leaving his work to the incoming CEO and current staff in Melbourne, Australia.

Peter was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Integrated Packaging, one of the largest manufacturer of adhesive plastic film in Australia and New Zealand for 20 years, culminating in a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

He played a pivotal role as inventor and driver of several innovative products such as the patented Round Bale Silage wrapping, the patented Cold Orientation Process (producing extremely thin films with increased mechanical properties and UV life) and the patented X Tend (an ultra thin film for covering crops to increase productivity and reduce the amount of water irrigation required to produce a crop).

During this time, Peter was involved with several Greenfield start-ups, in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland as well as negotiating a number of complex joint ventures and licensing agreements.

Peter and his dedicated global team of professionals have developed what is arguably one of the greenest and most efficient solar technologies available. F CUBED is proud to provide a solution for the world’s growing water crisis.